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About Nicole

Hello, I’m Nicole, The Vintage Dish Girl. 


What is “Hospitality”: it is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests and visitors. Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and care. 


I am a proud Navy Brat, growing up between bases on the East Coast. I learned from a very young age all about “Hospitality” from my mother.  Helping her entertain the other wives from the ship, to prepping the house for holiday meals and out of town guests, to welcoming a new neighbor and never showing up empty handed.  I have always enjoyed and appreciate the little details that go into making guests feel special or someone a “hostess with the mostest”. 

I love the way a pretty table, with delicate china and shiny flatware, makes guests feel special and invites you to sit down, connect through conversation and feeds not just your appetite but your soul.  

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Sarah Kay Photography

It all started with a small collection of tea cups to drink bourbon or wine out of while watching Jane Austen movies and Downton Abbey with my friends.  My business, The Vintage Dish Girl, came to be with a friend’s wedding and quickly grew into a passion for helping brides, event planners, and par”tea” lovers, make their guests feel special and memories to last a lifetime. My china collection has grown into a creative outlet and small business that specializes in beautiful tablescapes and more.


The personal connections I have formed through my business remind me that life is a lot like setting a table/ polishing flatware/ or washing fine china dishes by hand: you need to slow down, take a deep breath, enjoy the finer things but have fun with it. 


When I’m not tablescaping or searching for that next unique vintage pretty piece, or working as a teaching assistant to 2nd graders, I’m a wife and mom to 3 girls. I enjoy estate sales and thrift stores, a good hike or long walk with my pup, gardening in my backyard, a good book and playing cards or games (specifically Mahjong) with my family and friends. I love my God, my country, Jane Austen books, and a good fall fire pit with a great glass of bourbon. 

Do you have a special event or a table you’d like me to help you set? Let me help you delight your guests!

Photo Credit: Sarah Kay Photography

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