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2020 The vision is clear.. less mix, more match.

Now that 2020 is here, my vision is crystal clear.

Oh the beauty of hindsight, it feels like having perfect 20/20 vision. Being able to reflect and focus and move forward feels really good. After thinking about former clients and missed opportunity clients I can now see where I need to switch gears and take my business moving forward- a little less mix and a lot more match. I am finding where people (including myself) enjoy not having to have exact matching plates and flatware, they do prefer having a somewhat matching table. Buffet style and stacked plate serving, obviously, "the mix" works in some situations but not all. That was my initial vision, buffet style. Now that I have plenty to stack, it's the individual table I need to focus on, bring on and bring in "the match". A table that can somewhat coordinate and mix but really match between 8 and 12 place settings.

photo credit: Emily Gallagher

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