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Service for 40, 60... and now 100.

I recently had the honor of being hired to help a client with her parents 50th wedding anniversary. What started with a guest list of 40 people, it grew, and grew. At first I knew I could accommodate the 40, then the 50, but when we reached 60... I had some adding to my inventory to do. That is a lot of plates, and a lot of flatware. Which turns into a lot of polishing, a lot of washing and a lot of packaging.

In the beginning, I could never have imagined that at one point I would have enough inventory to accommodate a full service dinner event for 60 guests. I remember trying to determine what my next purchase should be, was it a tea pot, sugar and creamers or tiered servers. Then moving on from salad plates to dinner plates, and now bread and butter /cake plates. I am not only pleased but THRILLED to be able to say I can now accommodate an event for 100!

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