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The Cake Table.. from weddings to birthdays, it's still a very important table...

As I celebrate the official 3rd year "birthday" of the launching of The Vintage Dish Girl to the public, (thank you Facebook for being the launching pad), I wanted to revisit the cake table.

The cake table that totally sparked this journey, Lee and Todd's wedding cake table. These aren't my plates and forks, but I can take credit for unloading them from their crates, setting them up and taking this beautiful picture. This is what fueled the spark that was already lit. The desire to continue collecting beautiful fine bone china and my desire to share pretty plates and gorgeous table-scapes by creating The Vintage Dish Girl.

Jill and Mark's Cake Table- a gorgeous cake deserves gorgeous plates as it's launching pad for that beautiful deliciousness.

And we can't forget the "cup" cake...

And can't forget the birthday "cup" cake.

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