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How it all began...

My love for fancy goes way back. For as long as I can remember, our holiday tables were always set with china, silver and crystal. Each and every holiday I would get excited to help set that beautiful table with all of my mother’s fancy finery. As a fan of anything Austen, Bronte and British and to celebrate a birthday, I took a trip to England in 2012. Returning from that trip with luggage loaded down with fine bone china began a passion and the start of some serious collecting, not just holiday dinner table collecting. Shortly after that trip I celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee with a tea party for my daughters, and our friends. Since then there have been many teas, movie premier, and Downton Abbey parties. Our guests drink their beverage of choice (not just tea) out of fancy fine bone china cups. It was on one occasion (winter of 2015) that a friend was visiting with me in the kitchen while our daughters were enjoying a post-cotillion tea party that she asked if I had enough plates to help her with her upcoming wedding. I did not at the time, but the seed had been planted. Months later after helping her set her cake table with rented vintage dishes and flatware, I thought why can’t I (and why shouldn’t I) be doing this? THIS is what I love and am passionate about. This began my deeper collecting not just for myself but to share with all of you. I am turning my hobby and passion into something (a job of sorts, a job I would thoroughly enjoy) that I can look forward to for years to come.

pretty vintage plates
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